No sell-out deal – stand in solidarity with the 472 teaching assistants, Durham, October 26

Latest update in the still on going Durham Teaching Assistants Dispute story! More from me on other matters soon!

Cautiously pessimistic

Now that Unison’s called off the Durham teaching assistants dispute by accepting a deal that means a pay cut for 472 TAs, (see here for more analysis from the Communist Workers’ Organisation), it’s hard to say what, if anything, comes next. But it does seem clear that some TAs are refusing to lie down and let the other 472 be sold out, and they’re calling for people to assemble in Durham on October 26th. If you’re anywhere in the North-East area, and free on that day, I’d really recommend trying to get down then, since this is a crucial turning point for one of the most inspirational and determined struggles happening in the UK right now, and those TAs who are resisting Unison’s attempt to demobilise them deserve our full support.

In the words of the TA who’s called the event:

“After a highly emotional week…

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The Durham Teaching Assistants deal: a critical perspective

Latest update on the Durham Teaching Assistants negotiations! More from me in a few weeks!

Cautiously pessimistic

A critical voice on the latest deal in the County Durham Teaching Assistants dispute, taken from the TAs’ facebook page:

“From a concerned supporter.

When the Lions voted no last time it was in complete solidarity with those losing out. No one was to be left behind. Then came a vague promise of a toothless “progression board”, a bunch of veiled threats from the union, the same old tiresome, repetitive bluster about the definitely final last offer ever, a scandalously worded ballot paper and suddenly 472 TAs have been lost to the whim of a council and union who have worked together to wear down, alarm and ultimately browbeat people into accepting their half-baked proposals.

And for what? Essentially for nothing more than the previous offer which was roundly rejected in solidarity with all those who were losing out.

I may be wrong and will hold my hands…

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