Corruption Busters Durham South West


Corruption in Planning, Housing, and Policing in County Durham: and its overall effect on both national and local government administration in Post War Britain from 1948 until the present day. A response from Durham to the groundbreaking work of Nigel Ward and his team from Whitby in North Yorkshire.


2 thoughts on “Corruption Busters Durham South West

  1. Back in the day, when I had the CEO of Durham city council arrested and the mass fraud and corruption I exposed was at a time when councils had there coffers full and there were no cuts. Durham city council could not balance the books then and made scores of front line workers redundant. I can just imagine what there up to now and have recently read that over 60 officers are on over £100k pa, wow the poor people of Durham. My exposing of these people has now forced me out of retirement to fight not just for the truth but for my life. I have recently been stitched up by N.T. Council and a crooked firm of solicitors called Hadaway & Hadaway who are about to take my home and shop. The fight go’s on.
    Tony Martin ( The Durham cobbler )

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